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The aim of my website is to collect my analysis of financial markets, in order to gain a better understanding of current market conditions and their impact. I use this site as a personal diary of my experiences and insights, as basically every day new ones are added, in this seemingly ever changing financial markets puzzle.

As I have been trading since I was 14, I have been able to gain a lot of experience by doing all sorts of things wrong that can be done wrong. Of course, new mistakes are added every day. I don't think badly about mistakes, which is what I want to teach my children. Mistakes are the best way to improve. And since it is already in our genome that cells want to improve every day, it is probably our natural destiny to do so.
If you like, you can accompany me on this path to learn new things together and to explore the infinite spaces of the financial markets. Of course I am a Star Trek fan. hahaha.
I discovered my passion for financial markets at the early age of 13. I followed the performance of German and well-known international stock corporations based on the quotations in the daily newspaper. I quoted the prices of DAX stocks every day and based on these records I created my first charts. At the age of 14, I started to make my first investments in German shares and Japanese warrants.
These first experiences on the stock exchange kindled a fire in me that is far from extinguished. They also led me to have my goal in mind early on. I focused on working at the stock exchange. I visited as often as I could the stock exchange in Frankfurt and was allowed on the trading floor. I must have seemed so authentic that Friedhelm Busch wanted to interview me, which I declined with thanks.
I have gained a great deal of experience through various positions and approaches in trading. I try to use the latest technologies and methods to constantly optimize my quantitative and qualitative analyses and thus improve my results. The passion to understand complex things has always been a driving force for me.
I have spent the last years developing my own trading strategies, testing them extensively, and applying them. The intensive occupation with quantitative analysis has meanwhile made me a systematic trader. Due to my rich experience, I see myself as a link between quantitative, qualitative, and discretionary trading approaches.

This site is for educational purposes only.   
Nothing is intended as, nor should it be construed to be, investment advice.
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